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  • "Dr. Bailey and every single one of his staff are truly good people who seem to have gotten into the healthcare field for the right reasons, unlike sooo many oth...er healthcare providers!"
  • "Doc is not condescending or doesn't seem to be too "busy" to listen to you or treat you like just some random person off the street. He genuinely cares!"
  • "I will admit I was a little apprehensive about seeing the newbie, Dr. Keller, when Dr. Bailey wasn't available the other day. I was very pleasantly surprised! What a great guy. He takes his time, is very thorough and just friendly and caring in general. Awesome addition to their team!"
  • "Jolene, the massage therapist is great too! I felt way better when I left there after her massage.
    Seriously, I haven't been dissatisfied with ANYONE that works there!"
    Marlo C.
  • "I had injections in my neck and back. It has helped so much. I've had back pain for over 20 years. I can't believe how it has helped, the spasms, cramping, tightness. It has decreased my problems by 60%. Keep up the good work Dr. Bailey and crew."
    Kristel C.
  • "I saw Dr. Bailey for a Prolozone Injection in my right knee. Had one shot and haven't had pain since. It's been great and have just done regular exercise since."
    Kevin H.
  • "Thru the Prolozone Treatments I have gained greater movement and greatly reduced the chronic pain in my lower back."
    Mark F.
  • "I had the best massage I've ever had today with Jolene. She is amazing!"
    Crisiti D.
  • "I have been using Dr. Bailey for almost 15 years. My back went out 2 weeks ago, they were able to get me in the same day and within the week I was feeling so much better. Hands down the best Chiro in town."
    Shawna K.

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